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Spice Tour

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General Information About This Tour

In 1850s the first sultan of zanzibar Said Said was very attracted by the ferile land of zanzibar the thing that forced him to import different spices from different countries in the world particularly from Asia as one among his important commodities beside the slaves.
The visit in the spice tour just 30 minuites from Stone town will give you the chance to see, test and taking pictures zanzibar spices with their plants in their cultivation, the guide will be explaining you how we plant, harvest and the uses of all spices in zanzibar by which some are used not only for spices but also for traditional medicines like yellow fever, cloves as the gold of zanzibar, cinamon, tumeric (curcuma), cardamom, ginger, Muscad nut (nut mag), aloevera and some other tropical fruits are some of the spices and fruits you will see.
After seeing and testing those spices and fruits, now the zanzibar buterfly will be waiting for you to show you how we climb the coconut tree to harvest the coconuts which are one among the important commodities of zanzibar, after having test the young coconuts and taking photos then in small spice shop we can have all spices packed into small packets for the gifts to families and friends as well as some spice soaps made by local villagers by using different spices like cloves the villagers will appreciate if you buy some.


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